As a gift for his 70th birthday, I promised my father that I would take him on a fishing trip. I'd planned a fly-in trip; however, the cost of fuel has made that option more than I could afford. Two years went by when my wife heard about "Whiskers and Walleye with Bass" from a colleague. My father came out to visit from Alberta on Sept. 1st, 2011 and I booked a half-day trip with Jan for my Dad, my 7 year old son, and myself. None of us had ever fished for "Cats" before and did not know what to expect. What we got was more than we could have ever imagined. Between the three of us we had a fish on for pretty much the entire half day; in all we caught 42 "Cats" including 11 Master Anglers. We had a "Triple Header" twice but no one could take a picture because everyone was tied up. All of us received our Master Angler Certificates and my 7 year-old son received his Specialist badge (6 masters in total). That day was, by far, the most amazing day of fishing I've ever experienced and I couldn't have been happier to share it with my Dad and my Son. That amazing day would not have been possible without the supremely competent guiding of Jan Bass. Jan knew exactly where we needed to be and what we had to put on the hook to bring in the big fish. He was also a very patient mentor to all three of us, and my son in particular.

Jan, I will be forever grateful for what you did to make that day so special for my Dad, my Son and me.



This was the greatest day of fishing! Jan was a very knowledgeable guide and he took care of everything. His professionalism allowed us to enjoy a stress free day on the river. We went out with the hopes of catching a few catfish and each of us ended up catching multiple Master Anglers; which far exceeded our expectations. Great day was had by all!! This will be an annual event for us.

G. Forster

A friend of mine and I had the opportunity to fish the Red River in Manitoba with Jan Bass, of Whiskers & Walleye with Bass this past summer. We had a wonderful time fishing with Jan, and caught more than our share of Channel Cats, including several Manitoba Master Angler size trophies. Jan is a true professional... wonderful personality, safety conscious, coupled with a lifetime of fishing knowledge and expertise. His boat, motor, safety equipment, and fishing tackle are in tip top shape, and ready to handle those giant Channel Cats. His knowledge of the waters he fishes are second to none. I've fished a lot of locations around the globe, and can, without any reservation, highly recommend Jan and fishing with Whiskers & Walleye.

Michael Homcha

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